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CLEO 3 Mods

a GTA San Andreas category

Teleport to Marker

by ZAZ

Greater Ped and vehicle visibility

by TG_Toby

Cool Parkour Mod

by thenaviniko

Clothes Mod

by spelspelen

Gravity Gun

by Ryosuke

Portal Gun

by Ryosuke

Car Spawner

by ZAZ

GTA IV Helmet Upgrade

by Mohammad Atir

Police Chase v3b

by Amarildo_XR

Zombie Alarm

by ZAZ

Cheat Menu V3

by faraaz

Advanced Speedometer V3.0

by spelspelen

Train Spawner

by Mora Hannover

Throw knife

by ahmedtik

Turn Indicators

by Amarildo_XR

Armored Cars

by Amarildo_XR

Alternative Car Spawner v1.1

by Box_factory

Time Stopper

by Ryosuke

Simple Weapon Spawner

by Dutchy3010

Weapon Accessory

by mnbmnb23

Taxi Mod

by Rapier

Police Chase v2

by Amarildo_XR

GTA IV Feature: Car Fire

by 2pacproducer2

Liberty City (teleport)

by Chipmonk

Police Officers in Helicopters

by 43LDR

New Car Camera Angle

by Ramees.ptb

Mafia Missions

by ZAZ

Usable Gang 6

by Unknown Modder

GTA: SA Ultimate Mod

by turbocoder32

100% icones no radar

by 43LDR

Suicide Mod

by gtasearcher

Jack Lenny's Last Battle

by ZAZ

Wild Wild West SA

by ZAZ

Weapon Ring

by ZAZ


by ZAZ

Pedestrian Spawner/Recruiter

by ZAZ

Call Evacuator

by MaVI

Cop Grafter

by MaVI

ITITIT Mod 2.8

by ITITIT / CrazzyCool

Superman Powers

by CrazzyCool

Mystery Skins + Anime Skins for CJ (FIX)

by JasperJayArcill

Call Backup Cops

by Ali M Kanji

Recruitable Family Members

by spelspelen

Glow Gauge Speedometer V2

by ProSpeed92

[Kyle-F] Speedometer

by Kyle F

Spell Mods

by allen913369

Fisher's Lagoon Creatures

by Xander3000

Evil Clowns

by Xander3000

Midnight Drag Race Mod

by 2pacproducer2

Broken Engine

by 2pacproducer2


by ZAZ