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CLEO 3 Mods

a GTA San Andreas category

save the game

by mathew dizon

gta san andreas 100% save the game

by mathew.dizon

Car Health Level

by 66rapper and my friend

CJ Can Make More Garages Anywhere

by Ramees.ptb

Rooftop Ninja Wars Cleo 4 Mod

by spidermight

Full Myths Mod

by ReysaGTAMT

Real Eating Mod

by GTA-Modmaker

OLD VERSION Sector X Expansion (Beta v1.00)

by spidermight

Pickup Detection

by SpringField

Emergency Vehicle Export (CLEO) [III Feature]

by Chipmonk

Parachute Trail (CLEO) [V Feature]

by Chipmonk

Weapon Scrolling GTA V to GTA SA

by GTABBS123

Pocong in Ganton

by Seejay Seaman, Ge Be' eS

Protection Money

by 66rapper

GTA V Health Regen

by killer_bigpoint

Control a bot

by Box_factory

Gentleman PSY Mod v1

by Gedimas

L4D Hunter Pounce Mod

by Recon_GTA

L4D Boomer Vomit Mod

by Recon_GTA

WWE Fighting Moves V4.0

by trung2082000hcm,Xinxaknuckles

Military vehicles and weapons on mount chiliad

by The attacker

Horseless Headless Horsemann 2.0

by Recon_GTA

A Way to Hell v1.1 Full

by Rizqan7

Spawn Turismo

by Ditrojaneur556

WWE Fighting Moves V3.1

by trung2082000hcm

Chokeslam Remake

by trung2082000hcm

Super Fart Mod

by trung2082000hcm,Bakron

RKO Remake

by trung2082000hcm

Montgomery Fire

by turbocoder32

WWE Fighting Moves V3.0

by trung2082000hcm,Xinxaknuckles

RKO Remake V2

by trung2082000hcm

Crying Kuntilanak

by zahran111

Corrupted Cops [Capter 1:The Deal]

by DarkGameDesign

Armor Percent

by Mora Hannover

Indestructible Cars

by albertwesker

Sell Cars

by 66rapper

Super Fast CJ

by subramanian

Black Phoenix Mod

by Rapier

Slideshow Mod

by Rapier

Taxi Mod Black Edition

by Rapier

Pure Energy Mod

by Rapier

CLEO Trainer

by Rapier

Car Wash Is Now Fixed!

by Edgar_macias & James227uk

Weapon And Motorcyle In First Spawn

by shield554321

Bishop hand to hand(cleo mission)

by Dark Avenger

Bullet hole Mod

by spelspelen

Sword burst

by ZaGaL

CLEO Mod Pack

by Yezz007

Drug Mod

by Shizmorp

Devils Rejects Island Of Killers v1.00

by spidermight

Easy Car Spawner

by Mora Hannover