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GTA: SA Ultimate Mod

by turbocoder32

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2014-08-20 19:19:47 -0700

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Thank you for downloading this awesome mod This Mod is unavailable at the moment. I am sorry for any inconvenience. GTASA Ultimate Traffic Mod Within all traffic. If all options are set to "ON" ( see (UTSETTINGS.ini )) The police and medic uniform suspends stars. Instantly. Only if you wear the police and medic uniform , can you do whatever you want. And not be wanted. Excluding military zones. Top notch police AI. Police , stop on a dime. Attack with force and keep coming after. Police attack anyone firing a weapon that isnt an officer. Even if you are wanted. Your Wanted Level is suspended. When not in radius of 500.0 of any pedestrian and vehicle. More Cops chasing Criminals on the streets. If you are carrying a gun or certain other weapons , and you are close to a pedestrian , you have a wanted star. 10.0 radius. If you are firing a gun within range 25.0 you have 2 wanted stars. Crowds of pedestrians now scatter when you shoot. Flying vehicles gives you a parachute. Leviathons and cargobobs have magnets Tank and Barracks have been taken out of the star levels. Cars for that city have been added instead. LA , SF , LV or Country Police Ranchers. To the correct city. Some police come up on you and fight you instead of just using their gun. Traffic , Honks or blows siren. More , Randomly or when near other vehicles. Honking your horn , makes the traffic around you , scatter. You can see headlights farther. Cars will either , drive away , attack you more or jack your car when you damage thier vehicle. Excluding FamilyGrove Gang Models Total traffic work up. Total pedestrian workup. Coach / Bus script. Earn money as a driver or pay for public transportation. This includes taxi models Check the Map for Green or Red Markers indicating Passengers You will drive all over SA , Bus stops and signs. $20 Fare. Enter any vehicle as a passenger , In any seat. If you are a passenger , press the horn to evade traffic or run a redlight. Choose your own button. All cars generated. All car variations within traffic. A 3 mirror cheetah is one of those available. Hoods , Fenders Spoilers. Ect. Random locked vehicles. Black and White stretch limos. #Faggio are all pink , all the time. They give you respect when driven. Like a meter. Reminds me of VC #Sabre when driven this sprays your Gang Tags #Newsvan when driven , shows you where the photos are on the map. #Jetpack when driven , shows you where the horseshoes are on the map. #Vortex when driven , shows you where the oysters are on the map. #NRG500 when driven , shows you where the jumps are on the map. Any vehicle driven , if you already have or will have after using the vehicles. The hiddens , in the game, will not show up on the map. Tags , horseshoes , photos , oysters, jumps. If you have them all. Which would be easy to get by this. #Camper s The special Truth Camper. "OUTTHERE" They get you drunk/high when driven. With this option on all Camper models are spawn as the Mothership #MrWhoop ees Give you money when driven. Tons of money like a meter. #Sweeper s Give you money like a meter when driven. #Sweeper models are spawned through regular traffic #Securica rs Give you 100, 000 when stolen. They also give you some text. "Armored Vehicles Are Rigged To Explode Seconds After Stolen" And it plays the mission accomplished sound. With the text "earned 100, 000" A wanted rating of 3 stars earned. And then show you a timer 3 , 2 , 1 , then the Securicar explodes. Better jump at 3 or 2. You can live at one. All Lowriders and race cars have paint jobs. Lowriders with paintjobs have hydraulics. All helicopters and planes if in your area will fly close to you Boats will be in your general area. More than normal. If in the air. Or on the sea. They will continue to be in your general area. Options to Disable foot cops ; Have only police in vehicles unless you are wanted. Change pedestrian density Change car density Gang Density Drug Dealer density Enable gang spawn Ballas gang drivebys Cars Ect. Change The Speed of Traffic Choose weapons for the Poilce , Swat , Fbi , Army. Choose weapons for every gang. Some pedestrians carry flowers Beach babes dance near you. Men in Black follow you in range , and will act as if they are secret service. Attacking criminals. And for awesome car chases. Infinite Car health No popped tires This is one of the best mods i have seen. I dare you to try it. This works best with my other mods. Copy or extract GTASAULTIMATE.cs and UTSETTINGS.ini into the GTA SAN ANDREAS CLEO game folder turbocoder32