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Weapon Mods

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M16A4 + M203

by Kadu

Battlefield 3 SCAR-L

by hl2poo

Battlefield 4 QSZ92

by hl2poo

[PUSH] AW L115A1

by Push

BattleField Hardline RO933

by Troph1hunter

Thompson M1928 (Chicago Typewriter)

by GTAIV_Dark_Vade

M1 Garand V1.1

by X42.0

GTA V Pistol

by NikoBellicFTW

BattleField Hardline Kriss Vector K10

by Troph1hunter

[PUSH] Alabama Slammer Bowie Knife

by Push

M4A1 Grip Versions

by edsir98


by bugmenot

[PUSH] HK USP 45 with Working Flashlight V2.5

by Push

Shotgun Camos

by OfficerGuardian

Bom Buku v.1

by Vickybrouwer

Bom Buku V.2

by Vickybrouwer

Elpiji Bomb

by Vickybrouwer


by Push

BattleField Hardline Scar-h

by Troph1hunter

M4 Carbine Sticker Bomb Skin

by illxst

Glock 19

by Victim_Crasher

Gold SPAS-12

by crazzkid2/47(AM-Team)

Russian Handgun Pack

by edsir98

Halo Plasma Pistol

by pr0t0typ3IV

H&K's MP5 A5

by Nobeus

MP5 RIS Nom900a

by edsir98

Famas sound MOD

by Silva1337


by wapeddell

XM8 LMG v2

by sahawx2

XM8 - Pack

by edsir98

BattleField 4 Compact .45

by Troph1hunter

Car Keys

by Krlos_Rokr

BattleField Hardline Mac-10

by Troph1hunter

Smith and Wesson Handgun

by edsir98

GTA V Carbine Rifle

by JohnMc

Green Goblin Pumpkin Mod

by Quechus13

BattleField Hardline SW.40 Pro

by Troph1hunter

Black Ops 2 Camo Pack

by OfficerGuardian

Mw3 barrett 50 cal BETA

by XzSuPaHoTz JKILLA342 FaZe-_FaKiE

Grapple Hook IV V1*

by onclsam13

Fabrique Nationale P90

by HyperZ

Golden RPG-7

by TheHandsy

Berreta M9 v2

by alpha0098

2009 Yankees World Series Bat

by Dr.Shock

Big gift of GUNS

by cjisntgay

Kalashnikov 47' [AK-47] HD

by DI_Ghostie_ID

No Weapon Damage

by Gottn

BattleField 4 MPX

by Troph1hunter

MP44 Assault Rifle (v2)

by Killerfist

Old Poolcue for GTA IV TLaD

by GrandTheftGangs

Max Powerful Explosions effects

by abn65