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Weapon Mods

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M1895 Nagant Revolver

by moneyman12167

Russian TT33

by moneyman12167

S&W M15-4 Revolver

by moneyman12167

Ithaca M37 riot shotgun

by moneyman12167

Karabiner 98k

by moneyman12167

Ruger MK2

by moneyman12167

Realistic Weapon Damage (TBoGT)

by superjohn897

AK SOPMOD From Point Blank

by Skript47

Star Wars Lightsaber

by Switch Designs


by Switch Designs

Fire Axe

by Switch Designs

Sword of the Halflings the Tamrid Tamrim

by Switch Designs

American RPG-7

by Switch Designs

Star Wars Lightsaber v2

by Switch Designs

Bone Head

by Switch Designs

AAC Honey Badger

by GhReCoN

Miku AUG Sniper

by 7thevolution


by cjisntgay

CQC-11 Combat Shotgun

by CORE.MAX2010

P90 MK II Beta

by CORE.MAX2010

HQ GTAV Weapon Pack V2

by Inettak neong,DK22Pac


by CORE.MAX2010

GTA V Weapons for IV

by parik

GTA IV Minigun Mod 1.0

by mahmutil

Double-barreled shotgun

by Killerfist

m16a4 v2

by done and owned 2

TBoGT Grenade Launcher for GTA IV

by done

sick m4 skin

by done and owned 2

two tone glock

by done ,owned 2 and hotwire

GTA SA Purple Dildo

by Thegodofskins

HQ Gold Guns Pack

by gw_rocktar_9

Far Cry 3 Chinese Knife


M249 From TbogT with Anim

by Captainsea

M249 SAW

by BitaLL

[PUSH] M249 Saw

by Push

lightsaber star wars

by sweet 3d

AWP from CS:GO

by MishKa Volkav), FrostByte,Valve

Desert Eagle From CS:GO

by MishKa Volkav), FrostByte, Valve

Glock-18 From CS:GO

by MishKa Volkav),FrostByte,Valve

AK-47 From CS:GO

by MishKa Volkav),The Weston Guy, Valve,Krakva

M4A4 From CS:GO

by MishKa Volkav),Krakva,Valve,yarikl

Postal 2 Weapon Pack

by MishKa Volkav),Bandit,RWS

Knifes Pack From CS:GO

by MishKa Volkav),Valve

Real Glock

by Jenny54

Military texture for Pumpshot

by gtaviv5

MattyDienhoff's Weapon Realism Mod + Fallout NV Ammo Caliber Types

by Naruto 607

Realistic EFLC Weapon Mod and FNV Ammo Caliber Types

by Naruto 607

Weapon Realism Mod + Fallout NV Ammo Caliber Types v2 FINAL

by Naruto 607

Realistic Weapon Mod, Naruto's Style

by Naruto 607

Rubber Gun Mod for LCPD and NOOSE

by Naruto 607

APC Cannon and Buzzard Weapons Upgrade

by Naruto 607