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Glock 19

by Victim_Crasher


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2014-08-15 23:36:30 -0700


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-Announcement- Sorry i canceled making the silenced version, i am too lazy to do that I get the model from gamebanana, and from CS:S weapon addon. You can see it here : It was view model available, so i have to tweak the mod a little bit, so it wasn't really like the usual :) And i would like to say thank you for the kind responds from the author :) Credit's will be announced below FEATURES : 1. HD Looking ! 2. 3 version of the weapon : - Normal Version - Flashlight version (Only on at night) - No Flashlight version, but have flashlight attachments as a cosmetics 3. See by yourself :D KNOWN PROBLEM : 1. Gap between the slider and the weapon body 2. Please report the bugs if you encounter one :) Credits : 1. Gamebanana ( 2. Maker of the original model and mod in CS:S : STRIFER : Animations & Model BuLL5H1T : Texture NightmareMutant : Sounds TheGreatMe : Compile, Shaders Converter to IV : Victim_Crasher The prosses is done in 3D Max