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Old Poolcue for GTA IV TLaD

by GrandTheftGangs


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2016-08-16 16:47:51 -0700

Replaces:TLaD Poolcue

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Download Link:1471391271_old_poolcuefor_t_lad.arc


This is my IV Poolcue mod for TLaD. This mod replaces the Poolcue from TLaD with the one from IV. Icon included too. Installation: 1.-Open SparkIV, or OpenIV. 2.-If you are with SparkIV, go to Open, and go to your EFLC's main directory. Or if you are with OpenIV, just open EFLC. 3.- Go to TLaD/pc/models/cdimages/weapons_e1. 4.- Replace the files with mines. 5.- Enjoy! :) Known glitches: No glitches for now. Comment me if you find one. PD: No screenshots in the moment, it will have to wait till i modified EFLC with Commanline