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Miscellaneous Mods

a GTA San Andreas category

Comic Mod

by Sedat

Just Clowning About

by DiCanio

San Andreas Cleanup

by Diablo SV

Coca-Cola Mod

by Anton

Warsteiner Mod

by Anton

Stereo Mod

by Metalvale

Ultimate San Andreas

by Vonsid

Cloudless Skies

by Mouldy Punk


by InDoMoNKeY

Nintendo Entertainment System

by Blues the Squirrel

Horseshoe Help

by JVT

Carcols Chart

by JVT

Sega Genesis / Sega Megadrive

by Blues the Squirrel

Lowered Cars Mod v2

by wesjett2008

Car Slot Bar

by JVT

Dakine Bag Pro II

by JVT

The Wheel Deal

by Ducati996

California Adventure Pack

by Switch Designs, TheDude5000, and Chris82

Sith Speeder v3

by Switch Designs

San Andreas Weather Mod

by rcguy150

SA-MP 0.2.2

by SAMP Team

You Are Here

by Mahmutil

Graffiti Mod

by Jottha


by Boris Voronstov

New 24/7 Food

by moneyman12167

Moon To Earth


Coca-Cola Billboards

by UltimateLife

Weaker Cops

by semmert

(PMMP) Philippine Miscellaneous Mod Pack

by ST Gamer

Paradise Water

by craig-sansum

Completed Save File

by Hedless

ENB iCandy - 2.0F

by ItsAllAboutGTA

Black Water

by prince990

Paradise ENB (for low computers/laptops)

by craig-sansum

One Piece Garage

by CounterLord

Intel Logo

by geraldy

Indonesian Money

by ergi


by ItsAllAboutGTA

New Radar Icons

by gtamaniak2145

iPrend ENB Series v 1.3 Final

by cyberprend

Marvel Heroes Loading Screens

by prince990

HQ Weapon Icons

by Zera

Enb Beta V3.0

by RedBullMaster

Enb Beta V3.1

by RedBullMaster Marco12

Marco12's Enb Series

by Marco12,RedBullMaster

Better Weapon sounds - No Rain Bug v5.3

by Triangulum

NASCAR Sprint Cup 2012 Sound Mod

by Bombr7

Realistic timecyc w/ enbseries (Low end PCs)

by Triangulum

Enb Beta V4.0 " FULL VERSION "

by RedBullMaster

Bugatti Veyron Sound v1.0

by SMT Mods

HQ Justin Bieber Ped

by doyz_99