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Better Weapon sounds - No Rain Bug v5.3

by Triangulum

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2012-07-03 13:05:39 -0700

Replaces:bank_137 and bank_046 of GENRL

Historic Rating:6/10

Historic Downloads:5,003

File Size:4.05 MB

Download Link:1347756195_bettergunsoundsnorainbugv53.rar

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Video: This is version 5.3 of an ongoing project to create bug-free weapon sounds that work within the game's limits, while still sounding significantly more realistic than the originals. This sound pack includes replacements for all firearm sounds, and explosion/fire sounds. For 5.3, I tweaked most of the sounds in 5.2 to make them more accurate. The "car horn" bug may also be fixed. This is the bug where horn sounds become bugged after around 5-20 minutes of gameplay. I have tested this version for multiple 30+ minute sessions and nothing has gone wrong. You'll need SAAT (San Andreas Audio Toolkit) to replace these sounds (if you need a tutorial, I included a link to one in the README file). Also in the README, you'll find how the problem was able to be fixed. I would encourage other modders to take note of this so that more bug-free sound packs can be created in the future.