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Completed Save File

by Hedless

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2012-06-11 03:40:41 -0700

Replaces:Save File 1 (or any save you want just change the number)

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Download Link:1339411241_gtas_asf1.b


A save file of all completed main missions, all arenas were completed, LS is half owned, 1.2 million$ Should the game crash while loading the save file, simply download the origional main.scm file The File should look like GTASAsf1 If there are any other numbers, just delete them To Use, simply copy and paste into your GTA User Documents, it will overwrite any save within Save file 1 Weapon Skills 9mm - Hitman Silenced - Poor Deagle - Gangster Tec 9 - Hitman Micro Uzi - Hitman MP5 - Hitman AK47 - Hitman M4 - Hitman Combat Shotgun - Poor Shotgun - Gangster Sawnoff - Hitman Schools: Car - Bronze Bike - Bronze Boat - Bronze (all gold except for the vortex jump) Plane - Silver Side Missions - Valet - Completed Trucker - Up to LV ones Taxi - None SF Car Delivary - Completed Ambulance - None Vigilante - None Fire - None Clothes - Base 5 T (Sub Urban) Urban Camo (Binco) Cowboy boots (Victim) Gold watch (Zip) Dog Tags (Binco) Blue Tint (Sub Urban) Cowboy Hat (Binco) Collectables: 37 Tags Sprayed 4 Oysters Collected (One under the boat during mission Vertical Bird (forgot to save that one) 0 Snapshots (never figured out how to do them) 3 Horseshoes found (havn't got the one atop 4 Dragons) Girlfriends: Katie : Free Hospital (found) Michelle: In Car School (Wasn't fat enough) Barabara: El Quel (Havn't tried) Times cheated - 42 (All were GHOSTTOWN) which lowers traffic density