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Weapon Mods

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GTA IV Grenade Launcher/Explosive Shotgun mod v2

by Ghettofrosch1

(FPSBANANA) M1911 Kimber Punisher Version 2.0

by Dr.Shock

New IV Hud

by Hooky


by 123roach


by Killerfist

M4A1 ACOG v2.0

by 47

Battlefield 4 AK12


Crysis 2 SCAR V3 + SKIN PACK

by CORE.MAX2010 and falcont2t

BF4 Singapore Weapons Pack

by s10125973Zulu

Modern Warfare Style CQC M4

by CORE.MAX2010

Thompson no stock version

by coltmaster1911

XM25 *updated*

by 9SYcH0

TBoGT Weapons V1

by niko_philip


by bugmenot

Walther PPK w/silencer


More to see and night vision sniper scope

by KanePurcell

Call of Duty MW2 M21 - Mk14 EBR V2

by CORE.MAX2010


by Killerfist


by Long Night

Silenced + Automatic Snipers


Devil May Cry Lady's Weapon

by wapeddell

Crysis 1 Weapon Pack V.2 w/Sounds From Crysis 1

by wapeddell

MP5 A3 from BF2 PR

by coltmaster1911

Crysis 1 Weapon Pack *UPDATED*

by wapeddell

New Special Desert Eagle

by martronn

BouWeapons 1.0

by Gamerneskylling

FGM-148 Javelin

by metalwars

Ump45 Camos

by OfficerGuardian

XM1014 Full Covered

by CORE.MAX2010


by GTAIV_Dark_Vade

CS:GO Case Hardened Skin Pack

by OfficerGuardian

Beer Molotov Pack

by VanZarko

CS:GO Fade Knife

by illxst

M21 Sniper Rifle

by GTAIV_Dark_Vade

Chrome Desert Eagle

by Unpopularpizza

Magnum Rifle With Laser Sight

by metalwars

AMT Hardballer Longslide & silence

by assassincy

TBoGT Uzi with Gold Clip

by ClicheUsername

Uzi Of TBOGT to IV

by nErO_25

Crysis 2 Weapon Pack

by wapeddell

HK23E, M9 Silenced, UMP

by edsir98

QJY-88(Type 88 LMG)

by sahawx2

MW2 Breach Charge

by 9SYcH0

Hi rs Desert Eagle two tone

by martronn

Gold MP5

by SkieraPC

Sawed Off Shotgun for GTA 4

by jedrek426

AUG3 sniper

by edsir98

Golden Sniper

by keijo fin

CoD4 Gold AK-47

by Demonboy666ownz

The Punisher Bat

by bluebfaith

Original Shotgun With Working Flashlight

by BlazeGamingAU