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Weapon Mods

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Digiegg of brave Heart Grenade

by Krlos_Rokr

Accuracy International AS50(Updated)

by sahawx2

rpg weapons mod


M1911A1 Black Edition V.2

by chj_50k_1gio

Camo AA-12

by HellOnWheels

AK-47 with custom ramp for scope and folding butt *UPDATED*

by wapeddell

Five Seven

by Killerfist

Jerry Can HD Textures

by ModderIV

New Battlefield 3 HQ Weapon Sound

by Gta4gaaamer

Dante Rebellion Sword

by wapeddell

MW3 Striker

by CORE.MAX2010


by Algonquin Hood

New AK-47 TExtures

by Badman959

Silenced Pistol Mod Beta v1.2

by AltF4Destroy, Quechus9, and RedLightning

BattleField 4 L86A1

by Troph1hunter

Mk. 14 Mod. 0 (BETA)

by 123roach

LR 300

by Killerfist

Homefront - Diablo (updated)

by RoosterArmament

10x Max Ammo + Bonus Weapons v0.92

by Dhatz

China Lake

by 9SYcH0

[PUSH] Tactical Uzi

by Push


by NikoFromIndo

Leon's Knife from Resident Evil 4

by ResidentIV

Sig Sauer P226

by edsir98

Smashing Shotgun

by Jenny54


by Lock.n.Load

Home Run Bat MOD

by rkmario


by NikoBellicFTW

Golden Deagle

by Rich246

Dishonored Corvo Attano Sword (Version 2)

by Rangky Handy

CS:GO Weapon Sounds

by NicoandLuis

GTA SA Weapons Pack

by Fikri&m.adjie

Batman Arkham Asylum Grapple Gun (BETA)

by Jmulla

M16A1 Vietnam

by Leandro_1846

MOH M110

by rkfrkfrkf

Super EPIC M40a1

by RageQuit576

Magnum 44 sound mod

by GTAIVadict

Glow Gold AK47

by TechnicParadox

CS:GO Weapon Stats updated v1.2

by JayBlaze


by wapeddell

M4A1 with grenade launcher pack

by edsir98


by NikoFromIndo

Winchester 1887 "Magica Rifle" Version 2

by OtakuDelta141

Black Ops Weapon Camos

by OfficerGuardian

Icons for "GTA V Carbine Rifle by Victim_Crasher"

by NEpE4En

Colt Defender

by Killerfist

Barrett M98 Bravo (4 Options)

by Pedrofire21

Toilet Paper Grenade

by SZYMEK5324

New Sawoff

by martronn

Powerful Deagle mod V1

by gamehalo

Little Rocket Launcher Mod

by AzR_MaNiiAkixS