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Weed dispensary interior (MLO) v1.0

by mfrizki99


Category:Map Mods

Added:2016-02-10 01:28:31 -0800

Replaces:Grand Theft Auto IV

Historic Rating:10/10

Historic Downloads:1,119

File Size:9.71 MB


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Everyone is welcome to the Music and Weed medical marijuana dispensary, located in Alderney (Leftwood). Buy it local. Be legit, forget about the street resellers, Dispensary gives you ability to select and play your favorite music 24/7, and not only. Come and try new products. Calm your nerves, with your posse or alone. Mod features:: * MLO interior modeled from scratch * New props made from scratch * Static & Dynamic Shadows * Shadow/Ambient Occlusion mapping * Dispensary at 3 locations * Nice visuals, cool animations, effects, and sound! * Interaction with pedestrians +spawned scenario peds * Custom pickups and rewards * Save game position (to stats) * Positioned audio (streams) * Dopewars minigame New dynamic props: * gs_blunt01 * gs_bagofweed01 * gs_brickofweed03 * cj_weedcan02 * cj_weedcan_d Tools used: 3DS Max, GIMS, Open IV, Photoshop, VS...