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Weapon Storage [updated 5/5/13]

by AngryAmoeba


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Added:2011-09-06 21:10:46 -0700

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<B>v1.1.1</B> - <I>last updated May 5, 2013</I> <B>WHAT IT DOES</B> This script lets you store weapons and ammo in safehouse stashes. (No animations, nothing fancy, just a clunky text UI.) - Press <B>Right Control</B> in a safehouse to open and close the stash. - Press <B>Right Shift</B> to move ammo into the stash. - Press <B>Enter</B> to retrieve ammo from the stash. - Hold <B>PageDown</B> while moving ammo to move as much as possible, all at once. - Press the <B>Up/Down</B> arrows to change how much ammo to move (while holding <B>PageDown</B> to change faster). - Press the <B>Left/Right</B> arrows to cycle through weapons. ---------------- <B>HOW TO INSTALL</B> This is a script for <a href="">HazardX's .NET scripthook</a>. Just place the files in the 'scripts' folder of the scripthook. ---------------- <B>KNOWN BUGS</B> — Stashes are only saved when you save the game in a bed, not when the game autosaves. Stashes are also persistent across all saved games. — Doesn't support EFLC weapons or safehouses (because I don't have EFLC). — Doesn't support custom weapons.