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Weapon Pack

by NikoFromIndo


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2012-03-31 08:04:08 -0700

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Weapon pack by NikoFromIndo Pack contain: AK-103: w/o attachment Silenced FN SCAR: w/o attachment Silenced XM8: w/o attachment Scoped Silenced Silenced+Scoped Double Barrel Shotgun II Each weapon has weapon sound, w/ and w/o silencer --------- Credits --------- All weapons Converted from Fallout NV Mods AK-103 by AlexScorpion FN SCAR by Knobody13 XM8 by LionHeart8705 Double Barrel Shotgun II by KrimeMinister Ingame Screens by J3smoove Special thx to Killerfist666 for telling me how to get Fallout NV models