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Wayne Manor + Batcave Alpha

by jumpman971


Category:Map Mods

Added:2014-11-02 05:05:15 -0800

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Download Link:1414933515_waynemanorbatcavebyjumpman971.rar


Hi guys, Here's a new version of my batcave map with the wayne manor this time! The wayne manor is not finish (need to make the upstair and the interior object) Some of the colision have been fixed but there's still some that are not. That will be fixed in the next version i think. Installation: Just place the "wayne" and "batcave" directory into your pc/data/maps folder. Then, copy/paste this into your gta.dat and image.txt: gta.dat: IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/WAYNE/WAYNE.IDE IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/BATCAVE/BATCAVE.IDE IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/WAYNE/WAYNE.IPL IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/BATCAVE/BATCAVE.IPL image.txt platformimg:/data/maps/wayne/wayne 0 platformimg:/data/maps/batcave/batcave 0 Only tested on TLAD but the map should work with gta iv and TBoGT.