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Vapid Terminator

by ThatOneHick


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2016-02-18 16:37:53 -0800


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Want a model to be converted, submit your requests here: Time to put the Duke O' Death in the junkyard. This heavily modified Vapid Dominator will eat the Duke O' Death for lunch! Overall model by: - "ThatOneHick", Original model by: - "Rockstar Games", Vapid Dominator converted to IV by: - "twattyballs2011", Vapid Dominator converted to the Vapid Terminator by: - "ThatOneHick", Screenshots taken by: - "Thundersmacker", Features added: - Fog lights (to fit the Ford Mustang GT look), - Mounted mini gun, - Armoured windshield and door windows, - Tinted windows, - Smoked tail lights, - Blacked out Vapid badge, - Replaced the "Dominator" badge to make it say "Terminator", This modification is to only be posted on "GTA4-Mods", "GTAInside", & "ThatOneHick's" blog site by "That One Hick"! Actions will be taken if another user uploads this modification anywhere without permission! In my opinion, I think this car would look great in Grand Theft Auto V. If you would like to convert it over, I will support your idea. All I ask is to please contact me first just so I know who is converting it and so I can keep an eye out for your name, because I want to see what it looks like in the newest Grand Theft Auto game! How to install: Use SparkIV or OpenIV and import model with any vehicle (mostly preferred the Faction)! Please read the "readme.txt" file in the download for more information on data lines! Thanks for downloading! Please leave a rating:)