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Vanilla Liberty Highway Patrol Skin Pack

by Hystery


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-07-24 07:38:52 -0700

Historic Rating:10/10

Historic Downloads:1,654

File Size:23.06 MB

Download Link:1437748732_vanilla_lhp_skin_pack.rar


Hey you! Did you always love the California Highway Patrol cars? Did you always prefer to stay within the lore of the game, including the cars? Then this skin pack is made for you! Retaining what makes the CHP paintjobs truly beautiful, I have replaced the CHP star with the Liberty City Police Department badge, yet changing the colors of it a little to fit and match the colors of the CHP. The result looks quite good to me, feel free to comment and say what you think about it! This skin pack contains skins for the 5 following models: - Vapid Stanier 2nd Gen - Bravado Buffalo 1st Gen - Bravado Buffalo 2nd Gen - Declasse Granger 3000X - Vapid Radius PI The skins come in 3 variants for every car: - 4 black & white skins - 4 white skins with the motto ("Safety, Service and Security") - 4 white "clean" skins without the motto (fits slicktop models the best!) All skin have unique unit numbers, so you can mix and match all of them the way you want, no risk to get twice the same unit number! Hope you'll enjoy this skin pack as much as I do right now! Best models to use with those skins: