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Vanilla LCPD/SFPD design skin MEGAPACK (48 skins)!

by Hystery


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-03-23 06:41:35 -0700

Replaces:Original textures with sexy ones

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:2,900

File Size:16.21 MB

Download Link:1427119302_vanilla_lcpdsfpd_skin_megapack.rar


/! This megapack is exclusive to and and may not be uploaded anywhere else without my written permission /! Vanilla L.C.P.D./S.F.P.D. design MEGAPACK!â„¢ "Hello to you, humble visitor of this sweet internet page, and welcome! I bet you are one of those San Francisco lovers who've seen my skin MEGAPACK!â„¢ using the SFPD design but weren't really keen to use real life cars in your game because you peeps like to stick to GTA universe!" "Ehm, not exactly, I just missclicked so..." "Well, you're so lucky today, because I just brought to you my newest MEGAPACK!â„¢, this time 100% vanilla! Using no less than 12 models directly coming from the GTA series, I put all my heart and soul to give each one of those wonderful models 4 skins each, for a total of 48 skins!" "Well, gratz for that, but that's not my thing so I'll just be on my way..." "Of course I will introduce them to you, that's my job!" "But I just said I had-" "Let's take a look at them!" ____________________________ You're a vanilla lover? You like the simple, yet neat design used by the San Francisco Police Department? Well you couldn't fall any better here! Directly from my oven, here is the vanilla variant of my LCPD/SFPD Skin MEGAPACK!â„¢ Let's take a look at those beauties, shall we! Using no less than twelve models from these excellent modelers of our community, I worked to give each car 4 skins with unique unit numbers, for a total of 48 unique skins! Oh I bet you feel so wet right now! You want to feel some vintage sensations? Here are three divas! - Albany Esperanto - Willard Marbelle - Vapid Stanier 1st Gen You want some more regular patrol cars? You'll get what you're looking for! - Declasse Merit - Vapid Stanier 2nd Gen - Bravado Buffalo 2nd Gen - Vapid Interceptor You need some more horse power to catch up the taking off speeders? No problem! - Cheval Fugitive - Elegy RH8 - Karin Sultan Oh, so you want to patrol the countryside roads, forests and parks? I've all you need! - Declasse Granger GNR3000T - Vapid Huntley I bet you are impatient to try those beauties! Well, all you have to do is to click on the download button, and you are good to go, the links to the models are provided in a text file, and will be listed below! Don't hesitate to rate this file and leave feedback, and I hope you'll have fun using my textures and those wonderful models made by the people I will quote below with the links to their cars! List of models used: Albany Esperanto (by Lt.Caine) - HCPD Pack (Stanier 2nd Gen, Interceptor, Buffalo 2nd Gen) (by Yard1) - LSPD Pack (Fugitive) (by Yard1) - Declasse Granger GNR3000T (by OfficerUnderwood) - Vapid Stanier 1st Gen with GTA V lightbar (by ThatOneHick) - Declasse Merit with GTA V lightbar (by ThatOneHick) - Elegy RH8 (by ThatOneHick) - Karin Sultan (by Lt.Caine) - Vapid Huntley (by Lt.Caine) - Vapid Stanier 2nd Gen with halogen bar (by ThatOneHick) - Willard Marbelle (by taximan5) -