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V Style Ambient In Air Music

by Mora Hannover


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Added:2014-09-05 13:31:56 -0700

Replaces:Nothing and Never will be

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Author : Mora Hannover ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V Style Ambient In Air Music ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements ---------------- ASI Loader(dsound.dll) by alexander blade or Yasil, Scripthook by ARU,Scripthookdotnet By HazardX ---------------- How to install ---------------- Put NAudio in your GTA IV/EFLC Folder(Where LaunchGTAIV.exe/LaunchEFLC.exe or GTAIV.exe/EFLC.exe are there) and put and VstyleAirMusic.ini VSAM Folder in your "scripts"(Without The Quotes) ---------------- Usage/Info ---------------- In GTA V. When Parachuting or in Air there is an ambient music Playing for about 30 secs+ or Stops When Touching The Ground. Occasionally The Function to check if Player is not in air returns to NOP(No Parameter) or Not Working(Meaningly) Anyways it is Not Stable Due to The Lack Of Naudio . so i made it play only for 30 secs . I used External Sound and it was working then Gone Crazy Later. The Problem with Naudio is it can play more than 1 sound once. To Stop The Music if you are on the ground then click Numpad3(Can Be Changed in The Ini) it may not always work so if it does not work, so Hit the "~" Button and type "reloadscripts"(Without Quotes). If i found a way to make it stable then i will update the mod Once Again, The Function that checks the player is not in Air(!Player.Character.IsInAir) does not work.. -INI Configuration- -Delay- If you want the game to wait some seconds before playing the music, then you can increase it. By Default it is 1 sec. a better meaning When In Air How many seconds you want the game to wait before playing the music.(While In Air) -Volume- Changes The Volume of the music. By Default it is 1(written as 1.0000) Note: For Example you want to change the music volume to 1.5 or 2.0 so you should write it 1.5000 or 2.0000 -Key- By Default it is Numpad3 As Mentioned Above This is the key you press if you want the music to stop (Does Not Alawys Work) if it does not work, so Hit the "~" Button and type "reloadscripts"(Without Quotes). Thank You For Downloading My Mod