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Added:2015-02-22 23:51:42 -0800

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Download Link:1424677902_transfagara_sa_nby_fzc.rar

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Hello guys !! Today i decided to finaly release this map for everyone, normaly i just release it on my blog for all my visitor and fan :D. But since i want alotl of people to enjoy my work then i decided to release the map here, i hope you'll enjoy it and please do not forget to rate & coment for more map release !!! Map Instal ? Follow the read me file i've made, and if you've got trouble, do not forget to ask me i'll be happy to help you. Other: ヤシロ族 *Yashiro zoku* Apixz Daisuke Flash Kazuma FreeZiic © ヤシロ族 *Yashiro zoku*