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Three Challening Missions (DYOM Pack)

by Chimpso

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Script Mods

Added:2009-08-08 03:05:40 -0700

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Installation and more info included with readme. ==Intro== This is my first mission pack that I have created. I hope you like it. It contains my 3 newly created missions which are: ===Hotel Defence:=== Defend a hotel from thugs and law enforcment whilst keeping your teammates alive. (Difficulty: Hard) ===Hotel Defence: (sniper addition)=== Same as hotel defence exept you will be on a nearby foor with a sniper, It is extreamely difficult to keep your allies alive. (Difficulty: Very Hard) ===Riot Control=== A riot has erupted In Grove Street. You will head a team of riot controlers and kill the riot instigator.