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GTA4 TheMarsRoad (JustforFUN!) by IxCr4nkv2/ UPDATE -Added EifelTower -Added LibertyStatue -Added Ring Round on The Road (Not Highway) (I think its cooler (: ) -Added Moon on top of a mountain (Just for Fun ..You can stay on Top of it haha) -Added Antenna (5 Over the Map) -Added Halfpiperoad (Not The Best but its still work for people there cant or there want do teleport :) -Added 1 Building :) (More Coming Soon in the Next update :) So thats it Guys have fun and make videos share it and yeah make a comment if you like it and dont forget to rate it :) Thanks guys (& sry for my bad english i hope your understand haha :) Have Fun see you next time :) -> Make a backup before any modification!!!! ......................................... Addd Into Your 'Trainer.ini' ************************************** [Teleport1Slot0] x=1976.8 y=-485.939 z=43.6331 Description=TheMarsRoad - IxCr4nkV2 MenuDescription=TheMarsRoad - IxCr4nkV2 ************************************** How ? Go to GTAIV Directory - Open up 'Trainer.ini' Press 'STRG' & 'F' Same Time .. Find >>> Teleport Section' And add @ the first one... Thats it Guys... Have Fun ...;)