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The Essential (<200mb) Car Pack v1.0

by Jotov_24


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Added:2012-01-29 06:54:35 -0800

Replaces:about 50 cars

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[I'm not the author of any car of this pack, just a compiler. So all thanks to all of them for their work and giving permission. Car & author's list and links to their webs in an excel sheet.] Yes, another car pack, but this is 'lightweight' (195 mb) The humble purpose is to HELP with the 'disappear textures' problem when using ikt's TRAFFIC LOAD (The best taxi bug fix currently out there). So, it's a pack thought for low/mid-end pc's and is a compiling of the best (quality/filesize) 'balanced' cars. Just about 50 cars replaced, and all are low/mid poly filesize. (2 mb WFT or less, the majority of them, just a few a little over 3 mb.). If your system's got memory problems when using some mods simultaneously, IMHO this small car pack could help better than if you got all cars replaced. I'm just looking for equilibrium, not 'maximum quality'. And maybe your system could take a breath if it can load in memory some default cars sometimes. * Reality, quality, variety and gameplay. * All 4-door replaces 4-door, and etc. * All cars look good with a good ENB (i think so). * Famous Killatomate's 'Realistic driving & flying' included for all bikes and some other cars i didn't replace. * Cargrp.dat & vehicles.ide tweaked for realistic traffic. (Supercars are rare). * Real names of each car (5 languages). * Bonnet & Trunk cameras tweaked. * Tested on version. Also another folder includes files for * Extra: Lambo sound for coquette. * To be done: add EPM support, new cars, etc. If this works for you, you can increase the number of cars till you find your performance equilibrium. [Pics taken with L3Evo 2012 - not included] CAR LIST & AUTHORS: Admiral- Ford Taurus SHO (NIK161RUS) Banshee- Dodge Viper SRT/10 (Deadyshka) Blista- Honda CRX (Allcash) Buccaneer- Plymouth Fury III (Irbis) Chavos- Mazda RX-8 (Lincoln, Slaau) Cognoscenti- Rolls-Royce Phantom (RusLev, P.A.S.H.A.) Comet- Porsche 911 GT2 (smokey8808) Coquette- Lamborghini Murciélago (Stiopa, Jake, Jalienlu) DF-8- Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (Lincoln, Slaau) Emperor- Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (klarnetist, METALman) Feltzer- Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG (Ross) Feroci- Lexus IS F v2.0 (N.I.K.E.) FBI Buffalo- Dodge Charger SRT/8 FBI (Lex91) Fortune- Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Ed. (alex189, Kalac) Habanero- Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Deadyshka, The_RiPPer) Huntley- Range Rover Supercharged (smokey8808) Infernus- Ferrari Enzo V1.1 (SdkDdt) Ingot- Volvo 850 Turbo (Mad EA, Irbis) Intruder- Maserati Quattroporte GT (smokey8808) Landstalker- Chevrolet Suburban Z71 (Irbis) Lokus- Lexus GS450 (N.I.K.E.) Merit- Ford Crown Victoria '03 (Schaefft, Mr.Bolleck) Oracle- BMW 760 Li (KeDen, Stiopa) Peyote- Plymouth Belvedere '59 (stratumX, Irbis) Pinnacle- Pontiac G8 GXP (N.I.K.E.) PMP600- Chrysler 300C (Stiopa) Premier- Subaru Legacy B4 3.0 (Denus) Presidente- Cadillac CTS (Stiopa, Jetmoto_zz) Primo- Buick Roadmaster '96 (Schaefft, Mr.Bolleck) Rebla- Mercedes-Benz G500 (The_RiPPer, SANtexnik) Ruiner- Pontiac Firebird Trans Am '77 (nik287, SabbbathBlack, RIDERmaxCARNAGE) Sabre- Shelby Mustang GT500 'SSnake' (smokey8808) Schafter- Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 (Stiopa) Sentinel- BMW M3 E92 (xsb91) Solair- Audi A4 Avant V1.1 (Alldead, N.I.K.E.) Stallion- Dodge Challenger RT '71 (Lincoln, Slaau) Stratum- Ford Mondeo SW V2.0 (arkviz, nikitoss, smokey8808) Sultan- Subaru Impreza WRX STi (Toxa, [B][A][R][O][N]) SultanRS- Nissan GTR V1.2 (wwtt) SuperGT- Aston Martin DB9 (Stiopa) Turismo- Ferrari 458 Italia V3.0 (smokey8808) Uranus- Ford Mustang SVT Cobra '93 (smokey8808) Vigero- Chevrolet Camaro SS '69 (Stiopa) Vincent- Honda Accord Type S (9lxa, Mast) Voodoo- Chevrolet Impala '59 (nik287, Irbis) Washington- Audi A8 L v2.0 (Stiopa, DOMEHYC) Willard- Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (Allcash, Malemute) (Handling for all Bikes and other default cars by Killatomate85) ------------------------------- UPDATE FEB'12: PATCH FOR Language (.gxt) files only for version. (The v1.0 ones are only for Links provided below the main three. (And remember, DON'T use xlive and dsound at the same time , choose 1.)