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Textures for PedProps and Ped (firechief)

by GysCo


Category:Player Mods

Added:2015-06-17 06:15:24 -0700

Replaces:several textures

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Download Link:1434546924_ped_props_ped_texture_pack.rar


Since I made the textures for the ped clothes ( here are their hats :) ... and I forgot the firechief, so that one is also done :) Textures for PedProps (pedprops.img): 1 - FIB hat is now FBI hat 2 - FDLC firechief hats are now FDNY (Fire Department New York) firechief hats 3 - FDLC firemen hats are now FDNY firemen hats 4 - LSD garbagemen hats are now DSNY (Department of Sanitation New York) garbagemen hats Texture for Ped (componentpeds.img): 1 - FDLC firechief is now FDNY firechief !!! NO NEED TO MAKE BACKUPS, ORIGINALS ARE INCLUDED !!! This time some new textures are a little bigger in file-size than the originals, what I always prevent doing but it's because I made some of them a little more hi-res. INSTALLATION: Instructions in ReadMe.txt CREDITS: Originals by R*, edited by GysCo Enjoy...