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Textures for Niko clothes, Ped clothes and Annihilator

by GysCo


Category:Player Mods

Added:2015-06-15 01:09:29 -0700

Replaces:several textures

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Download Link:1434355769_niko_peds_annihilator_texture_pack.rar


Textures for Niko (playerped.rpf): 1 - Basic jacket is now Biker jacket with 'The Lost MC' patches --> 3 different ones with same TLMC patch-jacket 2 - LSD jacket is now DSNY (Department of Sanitation New York) Textures for Peds (componentpeds.img): 1 - Seichs Armoured Truck Security Guard is now BRINKS Armoured Truck Security Guard 2 - FIB agents are now FBI agents 3 - LSD sweeper is now DSNY sweeper 4 - FDLC firemen are now FDNY (Fire Department New York) firemen 5 - LSD garbagemen are now DSNY garbagemen 6 - Annihilator pilot is now Police/Swat with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) patches 7 - NOOSE/SWAT is now Police/Swat with DHS patches Textures for Annihilator (vehicles.img): 1 - NOOSE is now DHS !!! NO NEED TO MAKE BACKUPS, ORIGINALS ARE INCLUDED !!! INSTALLATION: Instructions in ReadMe.txt CREDITS: Originals by R*, edited by GysCo Enjoy... PS: Sorry for the low pic-quality --> low end PC :/