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Subaru Impreza 22B STI 1999 Modified

by Pinkerman


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2013-06-09 12:43:27 -0700


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Download Link:1370807007_subaru_impreza22_bsti1999_modified.rar

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Author(s): The author of the original: Forza Motorsport 4; The authors further details, tuning: Forza Motorsport 4, Pinkerman; Vinyl: Pinkerman; Convert in GTA IV: Pinkerman. ===Description=== About what is done and not done, we can talk for a long time and therefore briefly about the main thing: - HQ model. - The model supports all the basic functions of the game engine. - A fully functioning light. - In case of overheating tires burst only tires, wheels remain intact.. - The Niko properly kept driving. - The driver and passenger sit as it should, in their places. - Outside, you can kill the man who is sitting inside. - Easy camera while driving. - Stains, scratches, are the marks of bullets, breakable glass and lights. - HD interior. - Its shadow. - Own collision. - In the rearview mirror reflected the gaming world. - The model can be painted exterior and wheels. - The model contains extras in the form of spoilers and rollcage. - The model supports the vinyls. Car adapted for ENBseries. Replaces the in-game: sultan