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Stark Tower - BETA - Iron Man IV

by H1Vltg3


Category:Map Mods

Added:2013-10-19 22:01:06 -0700

Replaces:GetALife Building

Historic Rating:9/10

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File Size:17.1 MB

Download Link:1382245266_stark_tower_betah1_vltg3.rar

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Stark Tower BETA - Iron Man IV - GTA IV PC Mod Modeled and Textured by H1Vltg3 This model replaces the GetALife building in GTA IV with Stark Tower from The Avengers. This is the 2nd time I have modeled the tower, this is much more accurate then the previous. I have run out of time lately for making props to fill the tower so I have decided to release it as is for the time being and update it when I create more. I am aware of the smoothing issues and plan on finishing the Window Lights as soon as possible. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: **Before starting make a backup of PC/data/maps/manhat/manhat07.img and manhat07.ide** 1. Download and Install latest version of OpenIV from 2. Extract the contents of this rar to your Desktop 3. Navigate to the "/Stark Tower BETA/PC/data/maps/manhat/manhat07.img/" folder on your Desktop 4. Run OpenIV, select GTA IV 5. In Open IV, navigate to "/data/maps/manhat/" and double-click on manhat07.img 6. In Open IV, click EDIT MODE button 7. Drag the contents (11 files) of the "/manhat07.img/" folder into OpenIV 8. After OpenIV has imported the files (You will not get a notice that it has done so), click File>Rebuild 9. On you Desktop, navigate to "/Stark Tower BETA/PC/data/maps/manhat/" 10. Copy the manhat07.ide file to your games "PC/data/maps/manhat/" folder 11. Run the game! Notes: You can verify the tower is installed correctly by double clicking on b4_getalifeu_mh7.wdr in OpenIV, you should see the tower model. You will need either Iron Man IV or a helicopter to enter the upper floors of the tower. You can not save your game at the tower or sleep in the tower. Download Iron Man IV: Download Iron Man IV Custom Flying Animations: Be sure to "LIKE" me on Facebook for Updates: Subscribe to my YouTube channel (Non-profit): YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO EXTRACT/RIP/COPY/CLAIM CREDIT FOR ANY OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS MOD/MODELS/TEXTURES.