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Stallion 347ci

by Algonquin Hood


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2015-10-08 04:37:30 -0700


Historic Rating:8/10

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Download Link:1444304250_stallion347ciby_ah.rar

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Join our steam group "Hood's Homies" to get updates and request stuff also: Small request by someguyfromlc. Also, sorry for the very innovative name of this mod. GTA IV/TLaD and TBoGT versions are the same. You just have to replace stallion.wft & .wtd in TBoGT files if you play it. No bugs occured, if you should find some though, feel free to tell. I also haven't used any ENB on the pictures, because I'd like to play with original graphics for a bit. Livery: No liveries CREDITS: Rockstar Games for creating the Stallion Algonquin Hood for editing this car Anyone for video