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Spring IV

by Sharing (Golak mods)


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Added:2014-06-08 04:10:58 -0700

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Spring IV By sharing (Golak mods) Taste the spring season and bring life to Liberty city with Spring IV I couldn't take screenshots of some trees, sorry :( FEATURES: - most of the textures are in 2048x2048 for more quality - house plants are re-textured to HQ - All plants are re-textured - HQ Bushes with flowers on them - Cedar and Scotch pine are re-textured to HQ - Apple tree with flowers - Pink trees with and without flower - sand and grass are re-textured to HQ - White and pink flowers on trees - and much more to bring the taste of spring to LC... ___________________________ If you're using an enb then use these settings: [TREE] LeavesReflectionAmount=0.01 LeavesSpecularPower=0.03 LeavesAmbientAmount=0.95 LeavesColorMultiplier=0.8 LeavesColorPow=1.5 LeavesColorFilterR=0.89 LeavesColorFilterG=0.93 LeavesColorFilterB=0.55 If you're not using an enb, just timecyc them you should use fixed stipple.wtd ___________________________ I had a lot of effort making this, I even had to take some photos myself, so don't use any files from it without my permission.