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SonicIV - Sonic The Hedgehog Mod

by nimSony


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-04-09 17:33:54 -0700

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1428626034_sonic_iv_release1.rar


*** GOTTA GO FAST *** The first proper Sonic the Hedgehog mod for running fast! The Sonic model included is a modified version of the Sonic Generations model from the Sonic The Hedgehog Pack by alex189. Check it out here: I also ReTextured the model to look more like SSBBrawl Sonic because it suits the game more, if you want the original colours, swap the names in the WTD texture dictionary using OpenIV. (rename head_diff_000_a_whi in the wtd file) Installation Instructions: - READ README - Default start key Shift+T Press M to switch to Sonic ped model You can play the sonic mode as any ped model including Niko... but come on, why would you not be sonic! (I will be adding more characters later, including custom animations, so for all those shadow players, you just have to use sonic anims for now) Move List: - Run Fast - Spin Jump - Jump Dash - Homing Attack (these two only work when NOT in Sonic Mode for now, I'll do them properly later) - Tornado - Single Forward Spin Release 1 by nimSony I'm actually a Game Developer, Check out my stuff on YOUTUBE: