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by Chong McBong

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2015-02-06 13:30:34 -0800


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Skippy Skip/Dumpster car version 1.0 by Chong McBong This replaces the RUMPO Fully SAMP compatible (4 working seats/nos/hydraulics). Comes randomly with or without graffiti (using an "extra" to add extra body panels). Features moving windscreen wipers and steering wheel, thanks to a cleo script from Izerli (many thanks). (the mod works fine without the cleo script if you want to keep it simple) Just in case you are wondering WTF this thing is, it's made from a "skip" (a UK-style rentable dumpster) that was featured in a race on a Jeremy Clarkson DVD. I also made models of the Shed car, and Runaground (the boat car) from the same DVD.