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Skins for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

by Endominium


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-08-15 15:50:43 -0700

Replaces:<whatever you replaced with the Sprinter>.wtd

Historic Rating:7/10

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This is just a simple .wtd replacement for Vertelvis' Sprinter 2500. This time, I *did* test the WTD to make sure all the textures were proper and everything (unlike my last mod: and they were. This contains the Electro-Choc texture (which you will see in the screenshots to the right) and the Radio Broker texture (which you won't). I put Maisonette 9 in with Electro-Choc because in The Ballad of Gay Tony, Electro-Choc is broadcast from Maisonette 9. I also put "No Security" by Crookers (because Crookers DJ Electro-Choc in TBoGT) on the radio screen. If you need to download the original model that this file works exclusively with, is the link. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR FILES. I HAVE HAD MANY A TIME WHERE I LOST ALL MY MODS BECAUSE ONE WAS SCREWING THE WHOLE GAME UP AND I COULDN'T REPLACE IT WITH THE ORIGINAL BECAUSE I FORGOT TO BACK IT UP! *ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!