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Serbian Jacket

by serbbandit1993


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Added:2013-02-12 16:44:56 -0800


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This is a Serbian jacket i made replacing the Albanian one that was on before. Instructions: 1. Open SparkIV (download sparkIV if you haven't already) 2. scroll down to Models , cdimages and select playerped.rpf 3. up the top were your tools are ( eg. open, save....) click on edit. 4. Now the playerped.rpf should be opened. Scroll all the way down to uppr_diff_016_a_uni.wtd select it and click again on edit on the top. 5. now it should have opened the Albanian jacket, all you have to do now is click import and import the uppr_diff_016_a_uni.wtd which i have provided you. 6. click on save and exit and you should have the Serbian Jacket :)