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September 11 Memorial

by Alimkanji

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2009-09-08 05:53:01 -0700

Replaces:Player txd's and SOme other texture files

Historic Rating:5/10

Historic Downloads:2,555

File Size:4.25 MB

Download Link:sep11_special_memorial.rar

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Hi Frnds : ) I am ALi From Pakistan, nd i am a Gta SA Modder and Gta iv Modder as well.. well, Every one know Sep,11 the bad day for USA and The World too : ( SO i Decided to make a Mods Pack with my skills to make That day more mamorial and Make us remind us all the innocent citizen Death(R.I.P.) in that horrable Day .. Let Pray TOgether for there Soul : ) "May God give there soul in heaven,God Give there family Member hold and power to come over that bad dreams.. and God Don't make let us see That type of Day Again..." Enjoy the mod and Pray for them. It's my request that always keep in ur mind; All Human are our Bro/sis either it's Black or White so Stop this Differences and Start Playing Good role of Humanity. God Bless WE ALL ! Regards Ali M Kanji GtaGlobalModders ( team leader ) For contact : Msn: [email protected] Remeber us all in ur prayers.