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Seph's M4 Carbine (w/ attachment options)

by Seph


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2011-12-23 23:21:53 -0800


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This is my second GTA IV release. This replaces the M4 with mine, and you can choose from 4 different versions: Silenced w/ Carrying Handle Silenced w/ RIS Unsilenced w/ Carrying Handle Unsilenced w/ RIS The silenced version DOES include custom sounds. CREDITS ------- Sephiris ------- Model, UV, Bake/Normals and Compile Agent95 -------- Diffuse, Specular and Normal Edits. Modeled/textured the silencer as well. xLongWayHome --- Created 'Silenced Fire' audio file INSTALLATION ------------ 1. Open SparkIV, and click Browse 2. If you're going with the Silenced M4, navigate to 'pc -> audio -> Sfx' in SparkIV. In there, find 'resident.rpf' Double click that and then Import the 'WEAPONS.ivaud' file I suppled in the Silenced folder. Click Save at the top. 3. In the SparkIV directory, find 'models -> cdimages' and open 'weapons.img' Import both the .wtd and .wdr file of the version you want. Hit Save THEN Rebuild at the top. 4. Close out of SparkIV completely and launch/play GTA IV. Enjoy your new M4!! *I've included the original WEAPONS.ivaud file in case you decide to switch from silenced version to an unsilenced. If you do decide to do this, follow step 2, but add that original .ivaud instead.