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Sandy Shores Police Department Pack

by firefighterpro


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-03-07 22:04:56 -0800

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Download Link:1425794696_sandy_shores_pd_pack.rar


Well here you go a Sandy Shores PD skin pack. The skins were based off no particulate design. This will be my 7th file uploaded but my first skin pack so i hope it goes well ! Skins were made in a size of 4096x4096 so if you encounter problems just try resizing them to 2048x2048. Skins were made for Gump's FPIU K-9 pack and Lccop's Liberty City Code 3 Javelin Pack. ================================================================================================================== LINKS https://www.lcpdfr.c...9-pack-by-gump/ https://www.lcpdfr.c...3-javelin-pack/ ...DO NOT RE UPLOAD OR EDIT WITH OUT MY PERMISSION... Like the my stuff ? Tell me so i can know. And don't forget to rate!