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San Andreas Weather Modification 3.1

by rcguy150

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2009-08-21 23:47:39 -0700


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Version 3.0 changes the brightness levels of my mod. It is now much more easy on the eyes in the day, and brighter at night for a better gameplay experience. Each city retains its unique atmosphere: Los Santos feeling 'warmer' and balmy, Venturas and the deserts feeling dusty and San Fierro feels 'cooler' than the rest of the state. Works better with the brightness level in the settings; no need for it to be set at 0. In fact, the screenshots shown were taken at the brightness set at default (about 60%) So you may make it darker or brighter as you wish. Changes in 3.1: (1/23/11) - Sandstorm weather overhauled. - Viewing distance increased for sunny country/san fierro weather.