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Sahara Umbrella Skin

by Thundersmacker


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-02-20 07:37:18 -0800

Replaces:Karin Sahara skin

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:1,820

File Size:1.24 MB

Download Link:1361374638_sahara_umbrella_skin.rar


This was a fun little design for the Sahara I did awhile back and I thought I would share it. To install: Use SparkIV or OpenIV to replace a skin from the Sahara, If your'e using the 2048x2048 texture version then simply replace the skin. If you have the lower-res 1024x1024 version use SparkIV because it keeps the size of the skin you're replacing. Example: If you are replacing a skin that is 1024x1024 then replace it with a skin that is 2048 x 2048 it should stay 1024x1024.