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S.W.A.T. Issued Weapons

by Killerfist


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2012-06-23 04:52:06 -0700

Replaces:w_m4, w_ak47, w_glock , w_eagle, w_shotgun, w_pumpshot, w_psg, w_mp5

Historic Rating:8/10

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Download Link:1340452326_swat_issuedweapons.rar


Pack of swat issued weapons containing: - AR10 - Colt M4 - Kimber 1911 - Glock 20 - Remington 870 - Benelli M3 (Super 90) - UMP 45 - MP5 Swat outfit used in the screenshots is made by rumblylwc, same goes for the pants in the last screenshot: Player skin: Note: SparkIV doesn't display the guns properly in the preview-window, that doesn't mean the guns don't work. It's just some bug, try them out ingame and you'll see that they work fine. Credits: Remington 870 Wingmaster by modderfreak Exciter HK MP5 Mini Pack by Exciter_GB Tactical Combat Set by Munkee HeroinZero Tftrashcan Imperator3 And Dread Wolf Fully Customizable Glock 20 by FrankFamily DeadWolf, Silvio Dante, NZ Reason, Vunsunta, kimono and Stoke Kimber for usp45 by 3dstart 19th and 20th century weapons pack v5 by einharjar (no longer on fallout 3 nexus) Dynamic Benelli M3 Super 90 by Kimono Icons by Rumblylwc Want to learn converting weapons for gta 4 yourself? Check out the tutorial I made: Post your weapon requests in this thread: