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Realistic Mod

by Christoper25


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Added:2016-06-04 10:17:49 -0700


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Cough...Cough...Cough...Ok Maybe Some People Making Some Realistic Mod But There's No Realistic Combat System You Want A Mod That Change The Combat System? Well This Mod Is For You! The Feature Is: 1.Gun Damage Increased Very Very Drastic!That Can Kill Anyone By One Or Two Hit It Can Blow Car By Very Easy (Well About The Car Explode It's Not Realistic) 2.Punch Melee Weapons Are Very Half Damage This Make More Realistic. 3.Ped Stat Already Edited Male Ped Will Have -1% Defensive Than Player Female Ped Has -2% Defensive Than Male Ped. Warning:Don't Stealing This Made By Me Im Not Stealing Too. And Something Too Say This Is Not The Final Version Version 2 Will Come! And Maybe Version 3 No Screenshot Sorry!