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Ramp Jump for Metalwars' Space Dock Station

by MrSupercar55


Category:Map Mods

Added:2014-04-24 05:27:46 -0700


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Download Link:1398342466_space_dock_jump_gtaiv.rar

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This is my first mod ever. I take no credit for the Space Dock Station as this is by Metalwars. The ramp, however, is my work. IMPORTANT: Patience is required when spawning the ramp, as 311 objects make up the ramp. You may have to wait a few minutes before you can continue using the Simple Native Trainer. I have to wait a few minutes before it works again, but that's partly because I use a laptop which gets ghastly fps. The length of time you wait may depend on your system. If you really don't fancy the long wait for the trainer to work again after spawning the ramp, try setting the Space Dock Station as a User Defined Location. Please note that the reason I put the gta.dat and images.txt files in the archive was because Metalwars didn't. Metalwars just included lines to add to these files and I struggled to work out where they went, which caused the game to crash, which frustrated me to the point of pounding my keyboard, screaming profanities at the monitor and having to restore from backup several times before I got it right. i just thought I'd save you guys the same frustration. If you encounter any issues with the ramp, contact me at [email protected] I DID NOT make the Space Dock Station, so if you encounter any issues with THAT, report it to Metalwars, not me.