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RACE TO HELL : Prepare to live a hell. If you stay focused, if you don't make a mistake, if you don't fall, if your car doesn't explode and if you don't burn in the flames of Hell then maybe get you to the other side. Maybe ... You use "Godmod" for this race? You're a loser. There are 2 files : objects7.ini (422 items) and objects8.ini (388 items) installation : You need simple native trainer 6.5 Add your objects7.ini and objects8.ini in your game folder (GTA IV or EFLC) in game run your trainer (F3 or F4) go to objects spawning -> more ->load objects from objects7.ini and objects8.ini Video and pics : Rancher XL : GTA V Rancher XL by cromchen Sound of Rancher XL : Muscle Car V8 Engine Sound MOD by rkmario