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Player Model Selector

by LetsPlayOrDy


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Added:2014-11-05 18:00:08 -0800


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What is this mod? Just a simple mod that changes your character's model. Why make this when Simple Trainer has it already? It was requested. How to install the mod? First install .NET Scripthook, then copy the and PlayerModelSelector.ini files to the scripts folder in your GTA IV directory. How to use the mod? Press F5 to open the menu, numpad 8 to scroll up in the menu, numpad 2 to scroll down, and numpad 5 to change your model to the selected item. What can you change in the ini/settings file? The keys to use the menu, and the colors of the menu. What I want to add in a next version: Scrolling down the menu when you hold the button to scroll up or down. Credits: Jackryder2014: for requesting the mod LetsPlayOrDy: for writing the script Do not redistribute without my permission.