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Plane Flight Path Improvements



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Added:2016-07-10 16:03:25 -0700

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This mod will change the paths that the 747s take around Liberty City, to give a more realistic feel to the game. Planes will now land and take off from the airport. Planes in flight will change height constantly to fly lower over residential areas, and higher over more built up areas. There is also a plane that constantly circles the map at a relatively higher altitude than the others (Rotterdam Tower height), this is so that if you do venture up that high, you can still find aircraft like you normally would be able to in the real world. The planes taxiing around the tarmac have also been given more realistic paths: The first plane will no longer venture onto the runway, as it is being used by the landing aircraft. Instead, it will now go up and down the same strip, making U-turns in appropriate spaces. The second plane will use half of the runway to turn around, and it will also park, wait and then reverse out of the space next to the red radar dish, (to simulate it arriving at and leaving a gate). This mod has been fully tested and fine tuned. It will work online without problems and it will not affect other's games. I am, of course, NOT responsible for any game-breaking glitches that, although highly unlikely, may occur using mods like this. Installation instructions are simple, and are inside a 'README' text document included in the download.