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Orange Plaid Shirt

by gbthanuja

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2015-11-06 00:00:36 -0800


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GTA San Andreas This is my 2nd Mod. This will change the Yellow shirt in ZIP Clothes Shop into Orange Shirt,But the Name is "Shirtyellow"(Defualt) Instrall: 1.Download a Tool (Ex:IMG TOOL) 2.Open the Tool. 3.Click Open. 4.Go to /.../.../.../.../Models/player.img and Select it and Open it. 5.Find "shirtayellow.txd" and Open the Downloaded File,Open it and Replace the "shirtayellow.txd" with my one. 6.In Game,Go to ZIP(Clothes Shop) and in "torse" you will find "Shirtyellow" Select it and Buy it. 7.It is Yellow,It will Change to Orange by Replacing the "shirtayellow.txd" Play and Enjoy!