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Open source Airbreak/NoClip mod

by LetsPlayOrDy


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-08-05 20:15:38 -0700

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What is this mod? This is (another) airbreak/noclip mod. I know this. There is a reason behind it: it is open source. Why I made this (and why it is open source)? 1. I needed an airbreak mod myself, but didn't want to use Simple Trainer's. 2. I made it open source because I wanted to educate you guys! How to use it? Press Right-CTRL + J to toggle. Type 'setforwardbackwardspeed [(double) speed]' to set the speed you go forwards and backwards. Type 'setleftrightspeed [(double) speed]' to set the speed you go left and right. Type 'setupdownspeed [(double) speed]' to set the speed you go up and down. How to install it? Copy the .cs file to your GTA IV scripts folder. Redirect to 'How to use it?'. Customizability? Besides being able to edit the .cs file, there isn't any .ini file to change settings in. This is not a mistake, I did this because you can already edit the.cs file. Notes: The .cs file is heavily commented to help you guys know what each thing is and what it is used for. Your player character/vehicle will raise up the slightest bit when enabled. The values just need to be changed to fix this, but I don't have the patience to find the perfect one. I am not responsible for the use of this mod for the purpose of cheating. Do not redistribute without my permission.