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NYPD Ford Crown Victoria Black Edition

by OviaZ


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-06-03 05:26:59 -0700

Replaces:noose car

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:8,453

File Size:26.17 MB

Download Link:1370262419_nypd_black_edition.rar


HEY THERE ! <3 This mod add a new Ford Crown Victoria police K9 Black Edition to your game! Thx to BxBugs123 for the model Don't forget to make a back up of your files!! INSTALLATION : 1) Open SPARKIV 2) Go to your GTA 4 directory, open the folder : Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/models/cdimages/vehicles 3) Open vehicules with SPARKIV 4) Click on "Import" and import the new textures of and noose.wtd 5) Click on "rebuilt" and "Save" 6) Enjoy it !! ==== MODEL made by BXBUGS123 ==== Thanks to him! ==== SKIN made by OviaZ ==== Thx for your download and have fun :)