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NYPD and LCPD Skylift

by Naruto 607


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-12-22 02:55:07 -0800

Replaces:skylift.wft, skylift.wtd

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Download Link:1450781707_nyp_dand_lcpd_skylift.rar

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This mini mod is meant for personal use, but I share it if you like. The Skylift copter will give a new look, making the helicopter is owned by LCPD/NYPD. Now, think that Yusuf Amir can escape from the pink slip? This mod can also restore the modified Skylift helicopter, thus adding new skins (decals) without replacing them. If you lose the backup of it, you can use it, but be note that I cannot provide helicopter data as in TBoGT. It is recommended to replace this helicopter as Skylift in TBoGT, but you can add this heli as an extra vehicle or replace it with existing heli for GTA IV. Preview included (NYPD decal only).