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North Yankton IV (North Yankton Converted To GTA 4)

by ZZCOOL/taltigolt/NTAuthority/Chris


Category:Map Mods

Added:2014-05-25 13:00:49 -0700

Replaces:Liberty City

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:29,012

File Size:143.05 MB

Download Link:north_yankton_iv.rar

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this was originally a mod meant for me and my youtube channel, but i decided to release it for everyone,this includes all of north yankton converted to gta 4 please note this mod ONLY works on GTA IV patch 1.7 (not sure if older patches work) it does not work on EFLC. to install simply drop all files in your root directory. PLEASE note if you are going to make a video of this mod especially if it's monetized, then please include these links at the top of the video description and a annotation leading to my channel also credit both my friends NTAuthority and Chris and include the download link for it leading to the gta4-mods download page. I paid to have this mod made and decided to share it without asking for anything in return not even using a link as many others would, so please respect my wishes. thankyou